Throwing Shade: Park(ing) Day 2017

Final Thoughts…

One of the best things that an Architect can do is build something. Taking an idea or concept, and transferring it into a real world material, shaped and solidified into something people can touch and experience. Working through ideas out of the computer as a group with limited budgets and time was, as always fun! I’ve always felt that actually working at full scale is so insightful for later when you are drawing details for projects because they are no longer just lines on a page. Wood or steel takes on a real weight and understanding how a custom design needs to be built beyond just lines takes real work and time to fully flush out. For TLCD this was a great experience to connect with more young designers in our profession and learn together the process beyond the office. Connecting to our community with this event is hopefully just the beginning as the young designers begin to help shape their cities and experiences for years to come.

Deep Dive into Neocon Inspiration

While wandering the Mart at Neocon this year, I challenged myself to look beyond all the cool new products and design trends to find what inspired me in a more holistic way. After all, I see the larger world through the lens of design. What parallels could I find between our industry and what is happening in the world of art and cityscape?

With my trusty iPhone at hand, I watched for opportunities to capture an essence of creativity and exploration to take home with me. What caught my eye this year was all about texture and finding parallels between what I saw at the Art Institute Chicago, the River Walk and in showrooms.

While sitting on the tarmac at O’Hare during a thunderstorm, I had the time to sort through photos in a thoughtful way. Back at home, I plan on keeping my eyes open for inspiration, which like lightening, can strike at any time!