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Housing in our Community

March 20, 2019

The news is full of stories about California’s historic housing shortage. In Sonoma County, this crisis was exacerbated by the devastating fires in late 2017. But despite these challenges and a rebuild effort that is well underway in suburban communities, TLCD has joined forces with a handful of local developers to bring a variety of housing projects to our urban centers.

888 Fourth StreetTLCD Architecture, 888 Fourth Street, Multifamily Mixed_Use, Housing, Sonoma County


TLCD’s commitment to downtown revitalization started in early 2010 when we teamed with developer Hugh Futrell on an adaptive reuse of the former AT&T switching center to create Museum on the Square, where our offices are now located. More recently, when Hugh approached us about development of an ambitious 7-story mixed-use high rise just three blocks from Old Courthouse Square, we were well positioned to take on the 888 Fourth Street project.

Boyes Food CenterBoyes Food Center, TLCD Architecture, Boyes Hot Springs, Multifamily, Mixed Use, Springs Specific Plan


As strong advocates of socially and environmentally responsible development, we are equally excited about the Boyes Food Center project which provides retail, restaurant and grocery resources to a multi-family housing complex in the historic Springs area just outside Sonoma.

Art HouseArt House, Santa Rosa, Urban Infill, Mixed-Use, Multifamily Housing


A unique 21-unit mixed-use housing project called Art House will soon enliven a blended downtown Santa Rosa neighborhood. With a ground level art gallery, this project offers flexible solutions for business professionals seeking short term housing, as well as residents looking for long-term apartments.


TLCD Architecture, Residential, Multifamily Mixed_Use, Housing, Sonoma County

TLCD Architecture, Residential, Multifamily Mixed_Use, Housing, Sonoma County


Our involvement in multifamily and mixed-use projects is expanding rapidly! With a robust blend of experience in housing, retail and hospitality, the team at TLCD is excited about our evolving role in the transformation and development of vibrant centers in our community.