Melissa’s In The House!

November 14, 2019

Melissa Weese joins TLCD’s Healthcare Team, bringing a long history of experience with sophisticated and diverse projects across the country. Her professional background working with multi-national firms on a variety of project types, with all kinds of communities, clients, authorities and agencies, means that she’s pretty much seen it all.

Rolling up her sleeves, Melissa has jumped into every aspect of the complex design projects that typify Healthcare work. And, she fits right in with TLCD’s close-knit Healthcare team. This team has a proven track record of addressing the important design considerations which enhance patient care, while also understanding the complex technical aspects that happen seemingly behind-the scenes.

One of Melissa’s current projects is the Hematology, Oncology and Chemical Infusion Department Renovation at Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa. A crucial part of Healthcare design is the creation of healing, hospitable environments for patients going through difficult therapies and for their families who are facing a potentially tough decision-making process. As well, the care providers need to be given environments that support them in offering the best possible care.

A major component of the Oncology Department is the Chemical Infusion Bay. Patients may be there for an extended period of time, so the process needs to be as comfortable and hospitable as possible while incorporating the practical and technical requirements of infusion. In this renovation project, access to natural daylight is given top priority, so all infusion bays are arrayed around the exterior perimeter wall with views to the landscape beyond. Comfortable seating for the patient as well as for family members is provided. Emphasis is placed on the healing aspects of nature, with plant imagery, works by local artists and other natural references are distributed throughout the space.

Sketching is part of Melissa’s DNA and her tools of the trade are always close at hand. In fact, she’s won awards for her sketching and once thought about becoming a medical illustrator before architecture piqued her interest. For that reason, she is particularly fascinated by Healthcare design and how design influences healing and well-being.

As a former university professor who taught architectural design, drawing and history, Melissa is also passionate about mentorship, and about “training up” – teaching less experienced staff so that they can assume positions of responsibility and leadership.

“My interest has always been around what makes people tick – how they think, how they react, even literally how they are made – and creating the kinds of spaces where people can live.”