TLCD Conquers Truffles!

October 12, 2021

So many things have gone virtual this year and our summer/fall picnic was no exception. TLCD brought in the folks from Truffle Shuffle to teach us how to make lemon ricotta gnocchi at home. It started with the delivery of the ingredients… including a cocktail mixer. Once we had all our items laid out and our kitchens prepped for cooking, the fun really began!

Our host was Truffle Shuffle co-founder Jason Mckinney, who talked about the evolution of his company and how the pandemic allowed them to pivot to online cooking classes. We love a success story and support all our Bay Area businesses, so this was a perfect fit for our event.

TLCD also challenged our team to a little competition… the funniest apron, the messiest kitchen, best plated gnocchi. We also encouraged the whole family to join in… and we saw some young, aspiring chefs in the mix. As you might expect, architecture is a blend of design and function, so it’s no surprise the sheet trays of gnocchi were photo worthy.

We all had a great time together… but apart. We learned some new kitchen skills, while preparing and enjoying a delicious meal. We only wish that someone was there to clean up each of our kitchens after the mess we made!