K-12 Education clients exploring Transitional Kindergarten furniture options at the One Workplace showroom in Oakland.

Transitional Kindergarten Furniture

April 25, 2024

TLCD’s interior designers are experienced in furniture selection for small to large projects across our studios. For many of our current K-12 education projects we have the opportunity to work with school districts and teaching staff to select furniture to support their littlest learners. Transitional Kindergarten furniture consists of items you would find in older grades such as tables and chairs, as well as play areas that incorporate multifunctional furniture and soft seating. Furniture that offers opportunity for dramatic play, story time, and calming areas for this age helps to transform the classroom into a fun and magical environment.

TLCD and client touring One Workplace for a creative engagement to brainstorm the ideal and out-of-the-box wishes for a new Transitional Kindergarten space

Group reviewing furniture options while brainstorming for prototype creation in front of computer screen

Pedagogy has shifted greatly over the last three decades and many school districts are investing in new furniture that has been designed to support twenty-first century learning environments for their existing classrooms. New buildings such as the Transitional Kindergarten for Manzanita Elementary School, are opportunities to deliver a wholistic environment through development of furniture layouts and selections alongside the design of interior architectural features, built-in storage and finishes.

We love collaborating with furniture dealers to provide the best furniture solutions on the market to build a cohesive learning space. The ‘best’ furniture means that not only does it meet the client’s project goals with purpose, durability, aesthetics, and warranties, it also fits the budget and schedule. We are currently working with the One Workplace K-12 Educational team and through this partnership have been able to provide a hands-on approach to furniture selection by visiting their showroom.

Seeing, feeling, and testing furniture products allows district staff and teachers to make selections with confidence. The design team can then provide space plans to insure proper fit and code compliance. Renderings are often created for final client buy in, and to demonstrate the finish selections.

Renderings of two classrooms provided by One Workplace

“I truly enjoy the process of K-12 education furniture planning from conception to installation. Walking through a space after installation, seeing a glimmer of a fabric that the client loved, and remembering the process we underwent to bring a space to life brings a smile to my face.”

Lauren Davis