Call Me Architect

November 7, 2019

TLCD is pleased to announce that 2 of our team members, Zhuohua (ZT) Tian and Sean Taber have recently become licensed architects. ZT is a member of the firm’s Healthcare Studio, and Sean is focused on a variety of projects including Educational and Multi-Family Housing.

The architect licensing process is lengthy and arduous. It consists of educational and internship requirements as well as 6 national exams, and a California exam that is particularly difficult. With a new total of 15, TLCD has a solid group of licensed architects on its staff (in addition to several certified Interior Designers). Professional development is a core value of our firm and we are proud of ZT and Sean’s accomplishment as well as the efforts of the other members of the firm that are actively pursuing licensure or certification.

Cheers to ZT and Sean!

Sean:  “Now that I’m licensed, I can finally follow in the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson and run for President!”
ZT:  “Getting licensed felt empowering… it’s like being James Bond, but instead of being licensed to kill, we’re licensed to create.”