Detail of the exterior of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago

NeoCon 2023

August 7, 2023

TLCD team members Haley Lamos and Tamara Gelvin attended NeoCon at the MART in Chicago, joining other professionals in this premier event for the commercial interior design industry. As a firm, we strive to stay attuned to what’s happening in the industry so we can bring back the latest-to-market products and ideas to our clients. We asked Haley and Tamara to share their experiences and some of the interesting products and showcases they toured at Neocon.

Haley Lamos
My favorite part of Neocon 2023 was getting to see sustainability not only creep into the infrastructure of manufacturing, but to also see furniture pieces that are made from the earth and intended to return to the earth. As a sustainability junkie, the Metropolis Lab is one of the more unique and important stops when I am at Neocon. We saw a compostable chair and select protoype furniture being made with Mycellium mushroom compostable materials. What designer doesn’t love seeing new trends and being inspired by spaces that are built to perfection? Haworth’s “makers space” concept really reminded me that people are connected across more that just Teams and Zoom. We are connected through design, and how we experience spaces.

Tamara Gelvin is a Sr. Project Captain at TLCD ArchitectureTamara Gelvin
Attending NeoCon for the first time was an enriching journey into the forefront of the design industry, where innovation, creativity and cutting-edge ideas come together. This was a unique platform to witness the latest trends and advancements in furniture, architecture, technology and sustainable practices. The integration of smart technology into the world of design was one remarkable trend that caught my attention. Framery had showcased their up-and-coming interactive telecommunication platform. Experiencing this advancement made me excited about the possibilities of creating more efficient and interactive workspaces in the future. Attending Neocon 2023 reaffirmed my passion for design and opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities of transforming spaces to improve lives.

Soft plush furniture with wall graphic behind it

Neocon 2023 furniture showroom with carpeted wall art

Contemporary furniture and wall art at Neocon 2023

Lighting pendants, couches and table at Neocon showroom

Patterns and Colors

Neocon 2023 was scattered with lots of fun patterns, leading to very stylized and custom buildouts across the showrooms. The combination of monochrome color palettes with color focal points created dynamic and visually intriguing spaces.

Neocon 2023 showroom with monochrome furniture palette

Returning to a simpler view on design, soft plush textiles were also showcased. Interior design across many sectors is seeming to lean into the design of inviting, soft, and comfortable spaces. People need to work but want to relax, and the new 2023 furniture solutions showcased clearly showed that.

Craftsman working on a chair at Neocon 2023

Various colorful furniture pieces and wall art at Neocon 2023

Yellow leather chairs with metal frames at Neocon showroom

Large oval lighting fixture with table underneath

Return of the Past Continues

Classic styles continue to be revitalized through new styling trends. Old shapes and new colors were featured in many showrooms. An emphasis on creative expanded shapes pushed the bounds of classic pieces, while still reminding you that old trends really do return.

Haworth showcased a makers space, where they had real craftspeople working on Haworth furniture pieces. This allowed us the opportunity to see true craftsmanship in action as well as a reminder of the work and knowledge that goes into making all the beautiful pieces of furniture that make us want to “ooh and aah”.

Colorful carpet wall art installation at Neocon

Elegant table arrangement in muted colors