Laser cut lights in multiple colors with reflections on glass

TLCD Celebrates the Holidays!

December 15, 2022

Spirits were high last weekend when the TLCD team celebrated the holidays at LoCoco’s restaurant in Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square. With a chance to dress up, bring a guest and eat wonderful food, everyone enjoyed time spent together outside of work.

TLCD staff gathered at a table for holiday party

TLCD team sitting at table for holiday party

Man and woman smiling at TLCD holiday party

Couple seated and smiling at TLCD holiday party

Smiling woman and man seated at holiday party

Woman and man at TLCD Holiday party LoCoco's restaurant

Continuing our tradition of making holiday lights for the party, our creative “lantern” team used their imagination and fabrication skills to design stunning centerpieces for the tables. Part design exercise, part experimentation, the lights were made out of thin plywood and laser cut into various shapes. In order to form the shapes, they ran the wood forms under water and wrapped them in cups to set… pretty ingenious if you ask us!

Laser cut plywood in the shape of a cone on black surface

Closeup of laser cut plywood formed in shape of cones

Smiling woman running water over plywood form at sink

Laser cut plywood forms in cups

two women working on laser cut shapes at office

Closeup of laser cut light with glowing yellow color

It’s been a busy year and coming together at one of our local Sonoma County restaurants to spend time with each other was joyous!