Truly A Best Places To Work

August 27, 2020

We’re “jumping for joy” to be recognized by the North Bay Business Journal as a Best Places to Work for 2020! Especially in a year that has been filled with uncertainty and disruption, we are thankful for our talented, steadfast and hardworking team.

Over the past 5 months, we have put our collaborative culture and workstyle to the test by sending our employees home to stay healthy and work remotely. As video conferencing has become the new ‘norm’ across the country, TLCD can be counted among the many businesses that have adapted successfully to remote working. Individual and group video chats, along with screen sharing have become one of our most popular methods to stay connected and work as a team. A challenge we would face that was not initially evident was how to maintain company culture across the office and encourage interaction cross-studio in a virtual environment.

Many of our friends will know that TLCD has a long-standing tradition of a weekly scheduled hour together that we call ‘Wine Wednesday.’ This used to be a chance for everyone to gather and be social, enjoy a beverage and snacks over some shared content. What would that look like for us moving forward? We didn’t want our cherished gathering to just add to the din of our daily Zooms and lose the spontaneous interaction opportunities that it had provided.

We are finding new ways to share and learn more about each other and our passions, shake things up and keep it interesting.  The beginning and end of each meeting are spent seeing and connecting with all our teammates in the tiled ‘Brady Bunch’ view setting while we provide air-time for everyone with new announcements and kudos for a job well done. Our team is certainly creative with daily humorous backgrounds or wearing silly hats, we have played ‘Name that Project’ guessing games and even hosted our first ever virtual Retirement Party.

One thing is clear, whether we are working together in the office or working remotely from our homes, our team strives for excellence and the success we share on projects and in our teambuilding efforts is a testimony to the dedication and talent of each individual at TLCD. Great job team!