Mike Hauser students working on STEM project at TLCD office

Mike Hauser Academy 2023

July 10, 2023

TLCD is proud to have continued its long tradition of hosting the Mike Hauser Academy (MHA) this year. The award-winning three-week Mike Hauser Academy is a county-wide program, led by the Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Rohnert Park, and Sebastopol Chambers of Commerce. It convenes students, businesses, and teachers, empowering our future workforce to become leaders in science, technology, engineering and architecture. Students observe and participate in hands-on activities to see how classroom lessons apply to STEM occupations and concepts and have fun in the process!

This year we hosted a group of 16 students at our office, and their teacher from Comstock Middle School, Angela Ghigliazza. Our two-day program included a broad overview of architecture as well as what TLCD does specifically.

Architect showing kids how to sketch in TLCD Office

Close up of sketch done by middle school student

Group of Mike Hauser students working on STEM Project

Rows of students sketching for model making project at TLCD

Middle School student gathering supplies for STEM project

Group of middle school boys working on model for STEM project

On day one we led the students through exercises to learn about drawing to scale. In the context of how we get large buildings to fit on small sheets of paper, the studies also apply to measurement and spacial relationships of objects.

On day two the students worked in groups of four, forming their own “design firms” to design and build a scale model of their ideal hangout space using collected foam core, colored paper and architectural materials and textiles. There were some really creative ideas for gaming areas, slides, and loft spaces. We ended with each “firm” presenting their ideas to the class and fielding questions about their design. Ms. Ghigliazza even curated a design competition for the students to vote anonymously for their favorite design. Can you guess which design garnered the most votes (hint… big red slide)?

KEEA Design Firm submission that won Class Favorite at Mike Hauser Academy
KEEA Design Firm
JJXS design firm submission by students at Mike Hauser
JJXS Design Firm
Trufala Design Firm model made by Mike Hauser students
Trufala Design Firm
ABCD Design Firm model built by students at Mike Hauser
ABCD Design Firm

Student team presenting their project at STEM program

Group of middle school students presenting model making exercise at TLCD

We appreciate the enthusiasm of the Mike Hauser Academy students and the dedication of Ms. Ghigliazza to another installment in TLCD’s legacy of community outreach. We can’t wait until next year!