Exchange Bank Sebastopol Taking Shape

June 17, 2020

When Exchange Bank asked TLCD Architecture to design its new Sebastopol branch, they requested something that would reflect the Bank’s forward-looking practices. It needed to have a strong visual presence, yet also feel at home in this low-keyed community, consistent with the Bank’s longstanding presence in Sebastopol. With construction completion scheduled for late summer, the character of the building and site are rapidly taking shape.

Peeled Douglas-Fir columns with cast steel end connectors were recently installed. They support the large overhangs that shade the building and are an elegant addition to the simple, but dramatic agricultural building forms. Within the next couple weeks slatted exterior vertical siding will be installed, recalling traditional agrarian materials such as weathered barn boards in an abstract and subtle manner.

Landscaping and elevated rain gardens will visually anchor the building to the site. A variety of interesting, regionally appropriate plantings will complement the building. Stay-tuned for the finishing touches on this project!