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Santa Rosa, CA | Complete

The $103M Hospital Expansion Project doubles the size of the existing Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Hospital and provides state-of-the-art healthcare environments for interventional radiology, inpatient care, emergency services, and administrative functions. A significant portion of the existing hospital was renovated to accommodate enlarged and redistributed inpatient service functions, all while avoiding interruption to daily hospital operations. The hospital expansion adds 148,400 square feet to the hospital including 92 inpatient beds.

Interior materials and colors have been selected to create an atmosphere of warm hospitality, support intuitive way-finding, and enhance the sense of well being for all hospital users. Nursing stations have been carefully crafted to maximize staff-patient visibility and increase interaction between staff and visitors. Patient rooms embrace family as an integral part of the healing environment while maximizing functional efficiency for healthcare providers. This TLCD-developed patient room configuration is now the template for all new Kaiser Permanente facilities.

TLCD embraced a novel approach to project delivery which leveraged the contractor’s experience and expertise throughout the design phases of the project. The “Design-Assist” process produced a more robust design, reduced unanticipated changes during construction, and created a team approach to successful project delivery.

ENR's Best Healthcare Project | California 2011