Yulupa Elementary School Multi-Use Building

Yulupa Elementary School Multi-Use Building

Santa Rosa, CA

This active K-3 elementary school saw the completion of their Master Plan come to life with this stunning new building that serves as performance venue, sports facility and lunchroom.

It’s all about connections!

Lots of glass and four sets of doors reinforce an indoor-outdoor connection in a building that boasts natural “stack” ventilation for nighttime cooling, concrete floors with radiant heating and automated daylight control systems. It’s a space where students, faculty, administrators and parents can all take advantage of a new campus hub.

Having the main entrance and Plaza right at the front parking lot makes it very convenient to get to school events. And, morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up is a snap!

It’s a cool place to have lunch especially because we can get to the playground super quick. I like our lunch ladies who are nice and always bragging about their new kitchen.

It’s unusual having a track right outside the Multi-Use Building, but it’s real convenient after warm-ups inside the building. Plus, it’s fun for the kids to see other classes running around the track from inside.

I like to see the sky and the trees in the giant windows behind the stage. Assembly is fun and the floor feels cozy when it’s cold out – my teacher says it’s got a big heater under the concrete!

The proximity of the new Multi-Use Building to the school office and Library make it really easy for me to connect with the entire campus. Plus I get to bump into parents and personally greet visitors.


Client: Bennett Valley Union School District

Size: 6,017

Budget: $2.6 M

Completion: 2013