Kaiser Diagnostic & Treatment

San Rafael, CA

When Kaiser Permanente’s Emergency Department moved into a new hospital addition, the old “ED” became available for an expansion of much needed diagnostic, treatment and interventional services.

Providing for multiple departments with large space-taking equipment became a challenge when programmatic square footage exceeded the available space. Stakeholder groups stepped up to the challenge by participating in planning workshops that explored creative design solutions and efficient workflow. By sharing resources and limiting points of entry, we were able to meet all their needs.

A comfortable and relaxing environment is provided in the Prep and Recovery area, where colorful floor patterns and accent paint tones contribute to Kaiser’s patient-focused approach.

A control room provides staff with audio and visual connection to patients undergoing a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) diagnosis for a variety of conditions ranging from cancer to sports injuries. Color coding in the floor finish as well as a luminous ceiling make the space more user-friendly while meeting stringent codes.

The Interventional Radiology and Cardiac Cath Lab is a complex network of architecture and engineering that supports X-ray videography equipment used for surgical procedures, many of which are life-saving interventions.

Having a clean and efficient workspace in the GI Diagnostic and Treatment Room enables staff to consider patient comfort while using computerized endoscopy equipment for a variety of procedures.

Feedback from users at the facility reflects their appreciation for being included in a design process which has results in the successful delivery of expanded patient services on their San Rafael campus.