Yuba Lake County Campus

Clearlake, CA

Welcome to Yuba Community College District’s Lake County Campus, where a new Student Center brings a taste of university level culture to community college students from rural Lake County.


The District, which spans eight counties in North-Central California, was on a mission to bring full services and additional educational programs to this satellite campus. Sitting at the southern end of town, the campus’ 127 acres are sandwiched between an auto repair shop and a bucolic wooded hillside. The new campus buildings and plaza offer a contemporary learning environment that encourages students to “hang out” at the Culinary Café and connect with new opportunities at the Learning Center.


Pathways along a seasonal creek lead to the established and shady East Campus where the new Science Building signals arrival and acts as a hub for the cluster of existing primarily modular buildings.


Shaded walkways and staircases lead to the expansive second floor library and look out on Plaza, which is currently awaiting implementation of the landscaping phase. Students can pause for conversation on the balconies and enjoy amazing views of Mt. Konocti to the west.

Transparency at the ground floor Student Services and Classrooms is expanded at the second level Library where the sloped roof brings in more daylight and contributes to the sustainability goals of the project.


Client: Yuba Community College District

Size: 26,000

Budget: $13.5 M

Completion: 2012

Sustainability: Designed to meet USGBC LEED® Silver Certification