Doctor talking to parents in exam room at Kaiser Permanent Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Kaiser Intermediate Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Santa Rosa, CA

Welcoming the newest members of our community in need of specialized care after birth, the nursery at Kaiser Permanente provides extra needed medical attention for newborns and space for families to bond.

Two nurses and parents in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


The control room area for the nursing and physician staff serves as a spine of 24-hour support with visibility through doors and windows into a series of four nurseries. This area houses technology, security, medical, nursing, and nutrition supplies and equipment needed to care for up to ten babies at any time. Careful planning for all the required equipment and storage kept visual clutter well organized, tucked behind doors and readily accessible.

The finish material palette is fresh, inspired by natural materials and gender neutral with colors selected as a pleasant backdrop to celebrate the new life in the room. Warm light-colored wood makes the space feel less clinical and families more at home as the recovery process unfolds.

Nurse handing baby to mother in nursery setting

Nurse with baby and mother with baby in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


New parents may spend a fair amount of time in these nurseries while their newborn is getting healthy enough to go home so comfortable recliners were specified for each nursery. The space not only supports new babies and parents but many visiting family members as well. Additional chairs that fold up to move out of the way, mount onto hooks on the wall and can accommodate multiple visitors coming to meet their new loved one.

When census is high, multiple families can be sharing the same room as they spend time with their newborn. Disposable ceiling hung curtains provide some privacy between bassinets but allow staff visibility into the room from the adjacent control area.

Nurse with chart observing second nurse handling infant


New headwalls were custom designed for access to all required normal power, emergency power, medical gas and equipment as well as provide a sense of place acting as a headboard for each bassinet. Integrated dimmable lighting at the top and bottom of the headwall provide adequate restful ambient light for family and caring staff while keeping overhead lighting off to avoid glare into baby’s sensitive eyes.