Chef using Induction Kitchen at Sonoma Clean Power Advanced Energy Center

Sonoma Clean Power Advanced Energy Center

Santa Rosa, CA

The Advanced Energy Center in downtown Santa Rosa provides an interactive education experience that brings clean, energy-saving solutions directly to Sonoma Clean Power customers in a fresh, energized, and friendly environment.

Front entry of Advanced Energy Center in Santa Rosa California


Sonoma Clean Power was awarded a grant from the California Energy Commission in 2018 to turn the concept the Advanced Energy Center into reality. The selected location in downtown Santa Rosa activates the street with engaging, colorful window displays touting the latest electric equipment and programs, as well as new custom LED-lit signage along the brick facade.

Reception desk at Advanced Energy Center showroom


At the core of Sonoma Clean Power’s mission, is a dedication to the environment. Concepts of biophilic design which utilizes humans’ instinctive connection with nature to improve the quality of built space were implemented. We choose to expose the existing 18’ high wood structure and utilize acoustic ceiling groupings in an active pattern emulating cumulus clouds across the main showroom area. Wood accents were brought in with the furniture and furnishings and help to add visual texture and warm the space visually, grounding it in nature. The main showroom floor is a combination of polished concrete for the main exhibit area and circulation space with a carpet tiled area that helps to soften and absorb some noise in the central seating areas. The carpet selection was inspired by nature in urban areas with the look of stone and moss or grass.

Two men looking at all electric water heater options

Woman using touch screen kiosk at Advanced Energy Center


Sonoma Clean Power works with national manufacturers to provide current models showcasing the latest and greatest in clean energy technology for homeowners, designers, architects, and contractors to learn and experience the products firsthand in the exhibit hall. The Advanced Energy Center can put the customer in touch with local distributors, and local certified installers, as well as provide information on incentive programs available. Over time, displays will be changed out, staying current with the market and provide opportunities to see competing manufacturers.

Three adults looking at construction plans for remodel project

In addition to offering the public the opportunity to scope out products, Sonoma Clean Power was careful to include programmed space for people to connect whether it is at meeting tables or lounge seating, all specified by TLCD’s design staff.

Mother and two children playing in the kids zone at Advanced Energy Center

Two girls playing in electric car display


With a focus on the future of the environment and clean energy, it is not surprising that Sonoma Clean Power created a ‘Clubhouse’ zone specific for the next generation. This area invites parents considering clean energy solutions, a safe play area for their little ones with soft lounge furnishings, and custom plywood tree features.

Group of five learning how to use induction appliances for cooking


Another key feature of the Advanced Energy Center is a fully functional demonstration induction cooking kitchen. Customers new to induction cooking will have all their questions answered by trained staff or during special opportunities to join guest chefs in the kitchen. It even has a program for homeowners to determine if their own cookware will work with induction technology! Not only does the kitchen have all the latest technology on display, the design team provided an AV design to capture multiple camera views to film a demonstration in action, display it on screens above all the exhibits throughout the facility and record the experience for a digital library.

Training classroom at Advanced Energy Center


Anchoring the back of the showroom, a flexible classroom provides the Advanced Energy Center a space to execute another core pilar of the mission: Education. The room is outfitted with a full wall of whiteboard paint, sound dampening acoustical tack panels to optimize the performance of the room, and customizable LED and Solatube lighting bringing natural light down into the space from the roof. Multiple large screens with integrated AV control and cameras to capture and record learning sessions make this amenity a desirable place to learn.

Man opening retractable doors at training classroom

View of classroom with doors open and a group training in progress

A folding glass Nanawall at the back of the classroom offers a connection to a lounge area for larger gatherings. Bold graphics designed by The Engine is Red infuse the Sonoma Clean Power brand into the space in an engaging and unmistakable way.