Foley Family Community Pavilion Aerial Rendering

Foley Family Community Pavilion

Healdsburg, CA

This former fruit packing warehouse located in downtown Healdsburg was slated for demolition to make way for a parking lot. A small citizen’s group rallied for preserving the building. As a result, our design team was asked to work with the city and community groups to explore multiple options with the primary objective of accommodating the local farmers market, parking, concerts, and other public events.

City of Healdsburg, historic Cerri Building

City of Healdsburg, historic Cerri Building

City of Healdsburg, historic Cerri Building

City of Healdsburg, historic Cerri Building,


Originally constructed in 1922, the building floats on a three-foot-high concrete plinth that originally allowed trucks and horse drawn wagons to load and unload apples, stone fruit and grapes. Inside, a series of delicate roof trusses march through the space, creating a large open volume well suited to a variety of events.

Group touring City of Healdsburg, historic Cerri Building


With help from architect and Healdsburg resident Alan B. Cohen and Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture, our team explored 3 distinctly different design schemes – two replacing the building with new open canopy structures, and one repurposing the existing structure. Change takes time – and on this project, an intense public participatory process stretched out over several years. None of these design approaches fully met the objectives of all the interest groups, and in particular the elevated plinth presented operational challenges to the farmer’s market.

3 diagrams showing reconfigurations of historic Cerri Building

Foley Family Community Pavilion diagram showing partial removal of original roof


With the community divided on whether to repurpose the building or replace it with parking, the design team developed an eleventh-hour design proposal. The design radically transforms the building and provides ample ground-level space for the Healdsburg Farmers Market. Most of the elevated plinth is being removed to provide this space but will be retained at the northern end of the building to function as an elevated stage. The building will then be reconstructed with open sides and a new partially translucent roof. The existing opaque front façade will be replaced with an architectural metal fabric, recalling the original façade while providing transparency and a strong connection to the streetscape.

Foley Family Community Pavilion Indoor and Outdoor Rendering

Foley Family Community Pavilion Interior Rendering


The community rallied around the concept when they saw how a striking architectural approach could address the community’s needs without compromise. Ultimately the Planning Commission and City Council agreed that this unique solution would provide a valuable asset to Healdsburg’s evolving downtown. Construction is currently underway.

Foley Family Community Pavilion Entry Rendering


AIA Redwood Empire, Honor Award 2018


Client: City of Healdsburg

Size: 12,000 SF

Budget: $8 M

Completion: July 2025