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Santa Rosa, CA | Complete

American AgCredit’s new headquarters campus sits at a landmark site at the entry to Santa Rosa’s Airport Business Center. The project is oriented to a prominent corner and is uniquely tailored to the shape of its irregular site. The 120,000 square foot building’s shape mediates between the curve of Aviation Boulevard and the orthogonal grid of Airport Business Center. But it is an organically shaped central courtyard, wrapped by two building forms linked by multiple pedestrian bridges that primarily determined the building’s exterior shape.

Cladding is a mineral pigmented reddish-brown natural zinc panel system, with panels placed vertically to facilitate the curved exterior forms. The zinc offers an inherent natural subtle color variation that changes with the light and building orientation, which is particularly apparent at the curved exterior walls. The rich color and varied patterning is intended to be evocative of the wooden agricultural structures of the region. Exterior cladding is peeled away at carefully selected locations to expose the curtain wall. Zinc panels are perforated at a number of locations in order to provide sun shading, typically above clerestory windows

American AgCredit’s constantly changing needs demanded an open, flexible interior work environment. Substantial structural spans and moment-frame construction provide unencumbered interior space. The majority of interior walls are demountable partitions, and much of the floor area is open landscape furniture systems. Raised floors throughout the building accommodate under-floor wiring and displacement air distribution to provide a highly energy-efficient work environment, with superior indoor air quality.