Well…… the progress has been amazing. Since our last update the contractor’s forces have poured the concrete slabs (Devencenzi) for all three buildings, erected a portion of the wood walls (Archer) and the structural steel (Hilo Erectors) for the main building. before Christmas Sundt expects to have all of the wood framed roofs up and roofing on. This is a good thing, since we have been lucky so far that our typical winter weather has held! We will also see the metal decking finalized and the concrete put on at the second floor.

One thought on “Yuba Community College – Clearlake Campus Student Services Center Update”

  1. I have to give props to TLCD for recognising the subs on the project.

    Many architects allow the building to become the pure product of a GC.

    Knowing that the architect knows who the subs are on a project reinforces my belief that TLCD is more than the average design firm.

    Thank you TLCD.

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