Supreme thanks to all that participated in the 1,000 pound Redwood Empire Food Bank donation challenge! We exceeded expectations by compiling 1,037 pounds of food goods to give to the Food Bank. In addition, TLCD Architecture is donating $1 per pound up to the 1,000 pound goal. That’s a $1,000 dollar donation in addition to the food goods.

Special shout out to Bill McNearney, who nearly donated his full body weight in food product! We suspect he raided an old 1950’s nuclear fallout shelter likely hidden in his back yard. Ever wonder what 1,000 pounds of food looks like? Check out the photo!

Again, thanks to everyone for pitching in, and thank you TLCD for the cash donation and energetic support.

This is What 1,000 Pounds of Donations Looks Like

3 thoughts on “TLCD Architecture Up to the 1,000 Pound Challenge!”

  1. ‘Shout out’ to the partners as well for making their $1000 donation. Alan will be delivering it today. Thank you!

  2. The “TLCD family” is so generous and giving to the community. Thank you all for thinking of others during the holidays!

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