Pecha Kucha. 

What is Pecha Kucha?  Pecha Kucha is a presentation format that works to develop fast efficient ways of relaying information to other people.  It is based on the idea that each presentation has only 20 slides and each slide is up for only 20 seconds, therefore each presentation is only 6 min 40 seconds.

I took part in this presentation style a few times when I was at UO and can say you learn a lot about how to present information both graphically and verbally when you are constricted to this format.  Plus if a presentation is bad you only have to sit through 6 min 40 seconds of it.

Just thought others maybe interested in learning/trying it.

One thought on “Sharpen Your Presentation Skills”

  1. This might be an interesting exercise internally. It is rare that any interview panel is left wishing that a team would have talked longer; yet almost anyone could endure 6 minutes 40 seconds!

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