Though this is actually the first floor of the ATT Building, all the floors look pretty much alike at this point. Imagine with windows to the north that you could see this view of courthouse square. Don & I were just in the building with Bill Carle and Frank Kasimov from the City. We were looking for a leak in the basement that was not evident. The Museum on the Square building goes before the Redevelopment Agency Board next Monday the 25th and the schedule in the Agenda has us starting drawings the 26th! The schedule further calls for final approvals of the project by late May of this year. Things are moving forward with great rapidity. We’ll keep you informed as both the building design and our TI progress.

Interior of the ATT Building
Current Interior of the ATT Building
Courthouse Square from the roof of the Museum on the Square Building

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  1. Wow! That is great that the City is moving so quickly with this project. Thanks for keeping us posted!

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