Good news, today we heard the Sonoma Valley Community Health Center has selected TLCD as their designer for their new clinic! We have been pursuing this project with Nordby Construction as a design build team for over three months. The project will be located in Boyes Hot Springs, near Sonoma and will be approx. 20,000 sqft. of new construction. The client is very excited about this project and selected our team over two more experienced and qualified teams. Kudos to all involved for their efforts, especially Sara, Domenica and Suzanne!

Also today John Dybczak and I also met with a new client for the renovation of an existing Psychiatric Hospital. The prospective owners have been working with TLCD to procure the property and navigate the escrow process which has recently been closed. They’re eager to move forward with the project and we have begun programming!

3 thoughts on “New Projects!”

  1. I feel very proud to be a part of this. Thank you Stephen for your diligence pushing this forward. Score!

  2. Well, I guess this warrants my first blog-post (is that a word?) I’m looking forward to working with the Healthcare Team on this project!

  3. Way to go team! The location of this clinic will be very visible to all who drive along the Valley of the Moon corridor!

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