View of the NVC LLRC from the plaza February 5, 2010

On Friday February 5, Jeff and I were on our way back from investigating the Dixon Public Library and stopped by the Napa Valley College Library site. It  was one of those lucky breaks in the weather where the light and clouds were just perfect, a day that professional photographers wait eagerly for.  The project is really coming along on the exterior. The plaza paving is  going in and the exterior features are becoming more evident. A crew was just starting the Rheinzinc paneling on the east side, most of the fascia panels are in and “The Wall” with its ochre colored Venetian plaster is spectacular. The plaza is going to be a great civic  space. In the large view  you can see one of two  raised outdoor stages that will really help activate the plaza and make it a great venue for a variety of  activities. Views out from the cafe  and  the plaza really make the space even more dramatic. There are some really great views from the interior including the gallery walkway leading up  to the second floor  that you can see at  the left side of the  larger view. From the floating classroom in the  middle  of the  main library floor there is a panoramic view  out through the clerestory windows  to  the  west and the Napa River floodplain.
I  look forward to the  completion with eager anticipation.

The Wall

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