If you missed the High Performance Wine Wednesday Series the slides are available by clicking on the graphic above.

Summary of January Presentation : Introduction of the monthly presentation style and high performance.

This series of Wine Weds presentation will be conducted once a month and focus on a different topic each month.  Each presentation will present three levels of information; Research, Object, and Precedent.  Research will work to introduce the theory behind a topic and demystify confusing aspects.  Object will introduce a object that is related to the topic introduced and described by research. Precedent will detail a building that incorporates a design that use the topic.

At the end of each presentation, the presentation will be posted on the blog and on the new High Performance wall for further review.  The different presentation media types (voice, print, and digital) are part of a broader effort by the High Performance Team to distribute information.

We will always welcome comments and questions about any aspect of the presentation.  We feel the best forum for these questions is the comment section of this blog so that everyone can be part of the discussion, so please post.

-HP Team

One thought on “High Performance Wine Weds Series”

  1. Great presentation last night! It was fun for me to see “Pecha cucha” in action.

    If anyone has any definitions for the three terms discussed (green design, sustainability, and high performance), I’d love to hear them. When we talk about our process, we want to be clear about the tools and techniques we utilize.

    I’m looking forward to your February presentation. Keep up the good work HP Team!

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