DeTurk Round Barn Continued Progress – “Raising the Roof”

August 11, 2010

Now that the DeTurk Round Barn has been lowered onto the new concrete curb and post-tension slab the work of replacing the roof has begun. The skip sheathing creates a wonderful pattern in its exposed state (unfortunatley keeping it this way would not work so well in our rainy winters). Once the shingles are in place the installation of the “Big Ass Fan” (24 feet in diameter!) will commence. You can see, in one image, that the center portion of the slab is ready for the concrete pour, with rebar and radiant tubing in place. The wood framing is well underway, with the studs, joists, and wall framing happening. GCCI, the general contractor, is doing an amazing job at juggling the complex issues associated with transforming a 119 year old barn to function in the 21st century.