Christ Panel Prototype

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After my presentation last week, Ideate was kind enough to whisk me over to the Autodesk Gallery and Product Labs at One Market. I was able to attend a presentation on Ecotect, an energy analysis tool that Dylan in our office is now evaluating. Also, I was able to wander the gallery and lab areas and took some pictures of the cutting edge tools, beautiful models and a little unobtanium. enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Design Technology in the City – Photo Update”

  1. It looks like that display area is on the second floor from the images, which makes me ask how did they get the Mustang in there?

  2. The Autodesk gallery is amazing. It is full of some of the best projects and displays Ive seen. It’s worth a visit if anyone is ever in the area. Call in advance.
    Maybe we can get one of TLCD’s projects on display in there one day.

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