Twenty-one art glass panels have been installed at the nearly completed Luther Burbank Savings Headquarters Branch in downtown Santa Rosa.  This installation, by local artist Ellen Blakeley is the result of a close collaboration with TLCD Architecture to integrate the panels into the design of the building.

The individual art panels are the same dimensions as the exterior wood panels.  Together they form a flowing, naturalistic design pattern.  Ellen Blakeley’s glass panels begin with a sheet of clear tempered glass that receives a light dusting of colored lacquer.  Leaves from approximately a dozen plants and trees were then placed on the glass panels.  Fragments of broken, tempered glass were then applied with a clear adhesive, sandwiching the leaves between two layers of glass.  The side with the broken glass is then grouted.

Viewed from inside, Ellen’s glass panels enliven the space and create a link to Luther Burbank; many of the leaves were gathered from horticulturalist Luther Burbank’s nearby home, now a historic landmark.  The character of the glass evolves throughout the day, reflecting changes in the weather and angle of the sun.  When the building opens in December, the glass will be internally lit so that it may be viewed from the exterior.

Ellen Blakeley has completed a wide variety of glass artwork, including panels, installations and glass tile.  More information about Ellen is available on her website at

Don Tomasi AIA