During the spring of 2011 TLCD Architecture designed a dozen classrooms for the Bennett Valley Union School District to be constructed as modular buildings. Last week we had the pleasure of watching the last few classroom modules being set at the Yulupa Elementary School campus in Santa Rosa, California. Each classroom is comprised of three ten-foot slices which are pre-manufactured in the central valley by Meehleis Modular Buildings, Inc. The modules are constructed with much of the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems in place, as well as windows, insulation and interior gypsum board. These modules are then trucked to the site, craned into place, and attached to the concrete slab. The installation goes very quickly; the second module is ready to be craned as soon as the first is set down. Once the modules are in place Meehleis’ subcontractors install doors, fixtures and finishes, and turn the completed buildings over to the general contractor. The final product is a classroom that is every bit as robust and permanent as a traditional “stick-built” building at significant cost savings to the District.