Martyn Dodd of EnergySoft, LLC will discuss non-residential building envelope & lighting requirements affecting commercial new construction under California’s 2008 Title-24 Energy Efficiency Standards scheduled to take effect Jan 1, 2010. Attend this program to learn how the latest version of the Standards will affect building design in your commercial new construction projects. Mr. Dodd will highlight aspects of the Standards that are new for 2008.  Changes for 2008 are primarily aimed at further reducing peak electricity consumption, and incorporating greater energy efficiency measures.

Topics slated for discussion include:

  • Revised Envelope Insulation Requirements
  • Fenestration U-factors for Windows and Skylights
  • Fenestration Solar Heat Gain Coefficients (SHGC) for Windows and Skylights
  • Prescriptive limitations on glazing area
  • New Cool Roof requirements
  • New mandatory Skylight requirements
  • Changes to allowed lighting in commercial buildings