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Senior Project Captain

Ian continues the family legacy by following in the footsteps of his father who is also a Bay Area architect. While an early interest in all-things mechanical had him tempted to put his hobby into practice in engineering or the automotive sciences, an opportunity to pursue a Design-Build Master of Architecture program is where he found the right blend between his technical and design interests. We’re glad Ian chose architecture!

An experienced Project Captain and licensed Architect, Ian has worked on everything from high-rise residential buildings to upscale retail spaces. Going through the pandemic has solidified his passion around housing and the need for flexible and livable spaces that benefit society. Eager to join the team, Ian looks forward to positively impacting the community through multifamily housing and enjoying a quality of life that only Sonoma County provides. 


Automotive and Architectural design are these wonderful disciples that complement each other very well. Both embody passion and functionality that is unmistakable... I think that's what attracts me to all things cars.