Yesterday, Bill, Julie, Suzanne and myself were invited to tour the Sidney R. Garfield, The Health Care Innovations Center to see the mocked-up medical spaces and to test out the new Steelcase Furniture Standards.  The Garfield Innovation Center is a living laboratory where ideas are tested and solutions are developed in a hands-on, mocked-up clinical environment.  The environments we toured were, a Patient Room, Micro Clinic, Innovation Refresh Area, NICU, C-Section Room, Labor + Delivery Room and at the end we tested out the different furniture seating options provided by Steelcase.

Another important element that we viewed and experienced in the Micro Clinic was Kaiser branding tool, the Total Health Environments.  The Total Health Environments is about creating innovative, people and eco friendly environments that are less sterile than in the past and are cost effective.  This was demonstrated by the use of fresh paint colors, sustainable materials such as linoleum flooring, recycled tile, the use of modular nurse stations, energy efficient lighting and testing of different types of light fixtures.

Check out the pictures from the Garfield Center.