As their summer vacation begins to wind down, the excitement and anticipation of the students in the Roseland School District is beginning to build. The completion of their new school is only a few weeks away! This new school, located in the Roseland area of Santa Rosa, will be home to approximately 740 of the District’s students when school resumes on August 20.

The project consists of three main buildings; two classroom buildings and a multi-use building. The two classroom buildings will house the classrooms, kindergartens, library, computer lab, and administrative offices. In addition, the project includes play fields, play structures, site landscaping, parking, a bus drop-off , and street improvements.

The project team – Lathrop Construction Associates, Inc (General Contractor), Counterpoint Construction Services, Inc. (Construction Manager), the Roseland School District, and TLCD Architecture have been working diligently to put the finishing touches on this construction project that began in May 2011. The dedication and commitment to work together as a team has really been demonstrated during the course of construction and we’re all looking forward to the completion of this successful project.