Welcome to the Roseland Creek Elementary School.  Hard hats are required.  This new kindergarten through sixth grade school is being built for the Roseland School District and is located in the Roseland neighborhood of Santa Rosa.  With over 52,000 square feet of instructional and administrative space and a 10,000 square foot Multi-Purpose Building, this project is scheduled to be complete at the end of June.


The project’s two classroom buildings, comprised of five kindergarten classrooms, 24 primary classrooms, a library, a computer lab, and administrative offices are connected by a two story bridge of steel and glass.  Along with the new Classroom Buildings and the Multi-Purpose Building there will be new play fields, play structures, site landscaping, parking, a bus drop off and street improvements.  Upon completion, this school will serve approximately 740 students.

Classes are slated to begin on August 20th.  With a project completion date of June 30th, we are all pushing hard to get this project completed on time.  There will be much to accomplish between the construction completion date and the start of school.  The contractor will need to finish their punch list, the classrooms and offices have to be outfitted with furniture and the teachers and administrators have to move in and organize their classrooms in preparation for school to begin.  The project team – Lathrop Construction Associates, Inc. (General Contractor), Counterpoint Construction Services, Inc. (Construction Manager), the District and TLCD, have worked together to meet this goal.  The team is pushing forward to make timely decisions and give timely responses to questions, maintain a high quality of work and remain sensitive to the project’s design and the Districts needs.  Many difficult decisions have been made to pull this project together.  But hey, this is construction!