Jeff, John Dybczak and Brian attended the dedication of the new Napa Valley College Fieldhouse (formally the North Gym) on Thursday afternoon. The dedication ceremony was attended by about 100 people, including the very first graduate from the college’s Criminal Justice program. The two-story facility houses a large mat room on the upper floor used for tactical training of the CJ cadets, while the lower floors include a large weight training room for the Physical Education and Athletics departments, and a facility for adaptive PE. Jeff was the project architect for the building, which incorporates a high level of daylighting and natural ventilation, as well as a high efficiency mechanical system. This was also TLCD’s first use of Trespa panels, which look great. A real-time example of the sunshading controls occurred during the ceremony as Greg Miraglia (the former dean of the CJ program) was speaking at the podium, when after a dramatic session of thunder and lighting, the sun started streaming into the space, right into Greg’s face. Just in time, the mecho-shades on the high west windows lowered, and all was well!

The building looks fantastic, even though a few punch list items need to be completed, and the majority of the landscaping is yet to be installed. The college stakeholders and board members present are extremely happy with the new building. Kudos to Jeff and John for a great job with the design and construction administration!