Repurposed Emergency Department

When Kaiser San Rafael’s Emergency Department moved into a new hospital addition, the old “ED” became available for an expansion of much needed diagnostic, treatment and interventional services.

Providing a patient-friendly environment for multiple departments with large space-taking equipment became a challenge when programmatic square footage exceeded the available space. Through creative planning with engaged stakeholder groups, an efficient layout ultimately achieved a plan which complements staff workflow for five major functions that revolve around state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Patient Prep & Recovery provides a comfortable and safe environment for patients and staff, where shared nurse stations and support spaces were critical.

A control room provides staff with audio and visual connection to patients undergoing a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) diagnosis for a variety of conditions ranging from cancer to sports injuries.

The Interventional Radiology and Cardiac Catheterization Lab (IR/Cath Lab) houses X-ray videography equipment used for surgical procedures which are often life-saving interventions.

A GI Diagnostic and Treatment Room accommodates endoscopy equipment and multiple points of computer access/control for staff.

Staff Locker Rooms provide a secure changing area with showers immediately adjacent to patient care areas.

The space is strategically located within the hospital to provide for patient admissions from the emergency room as well as scheduled procedures and diagnostic treatment. So, while the level of activity in the space varies from day to day, Kaiser wanted a pleasant and soothing for staff and patients in any situation. Use of colorful floor patterns, accent paint colors and, in the MRI room, a luminous photographic ceiling provide a warm and relaxing environment.

Thoughtful collaboration between the Design Team, Kaiser representatives and OSHPD was crucial during renovation of the 1976 facility into a modern, equipment-intensive space. Feedback from users at the facility reflects their appreciation of being included in a design process which ultimately resulted in the successful delivery of expanded patient services on their San Rafael campus.