Concrete Mock-Up “Dress Rehearsal” for New Theater Exterior!

April 2, 2018

Construction is well underway at Santa Rosa Junior College’s Burbank Auditorium. The interior of this heritage building has been stripped down to the structure, peeling back many layers to reveal 80 years of history. With demolition complete, framing of new walls and floors has begun and the enlarged and deepened orchestra pit has been excavated. Meanwhile, the site of the new 200-seat Studio Theatre has been cleared and preparations are underway for pouring of the new foundations.

But before new construction commences the Contractor is responsible for creating a full-size mock-up of a portion of the concrete walls to demonstrate that they can achieve the requirements of our specifications for high-quality architectural concrete. The formwork for this mock-up was a major feat in and of itself. The completed mock-up covers the southeast corner of the building where two large windows meet at a complex chamfered corner condition. TLCD and Mark Cavagnero Associates will be closely reviewing the mock-up to ensure that it meets our expectations for smoothness, light coloration and precise detailing. We are looking forward to watching the next structure take shape in the coming months!