Behind the Website

March 26, 2018

The idea of a new website started taking form when we moved into our current office, which was designed as a creative habitat to energize our tightly knit group… turns out that moving into such a cool space really has changed how we work!


How do you get a bunch of creative types to agree that website design is not a DIY project? Suddenly we were the client on the lookout for a website design team that “got” who we are and would allow us to get into the weeds alongside them. We found that perfect fit with our new friends and collaborators at Minimize and Kelly Perso Design.


But first, an ad hoc team started getting together at lunchtime to assemble a crazy quilt of genetic markers that broke open TLCD’s DNA. Our team discovered that what everyone loves most about TLCD barely fits on two big sheets of brown butcher paper! Somehow we boiled it down to the most important tool in our toolkit… the Project Roadmap.


Our website designer started by creating ‘Mood Boards’ that took a stab at translating who we are and what we do into a visual vocabulary. This was the fun stuff that brought us together in an unexpected way. These morphed into more refined design comps that organized our story in a unique way:  HELLO – THINK – DESIGN.


All the hard work involved in choosing which projects to feature (that’s where the Project Roadmaps really helped) and portraying the essence of each story was an amazing journey that has enlivened our firm. We hope folks enjoy spending some time on our new website and learning about the way we work. We’re certainly not done though – stay tuned for new projects on the boards and ongoing conversations around architecture and design.