Zhuohua Tian


Zhuohua spent his early childhood with extended family in a large city in Northeast China. When he moved to Southern California at age 11 with his parents, he knew only three words in English. A fast learner with places to go, Zhuohua buckled down in school and before long was applying his dry sense of humor fluently in English.

A 6-year program at Rice University’s School of Architecture included a full year’s internship at a major California architecture firm and a semester in Paris. His education and experience both have prepared him for jumping into healthcare architecture with both feet where he jokingly describes a typical day as “second class fire fighter”. Obsessed with design and the built environment, Zhuohua claims that he has hand-made every decorative element and fixture in his home.

Design by trial and error seems to be a theme in both my work life and my personal life. I love the freedom it allows me to push boundaries.