Suzanne Nagorka, CID, IIDA

Senior Interior Designer

Suzanne draws on lots of different experience in her role as Senior Interior Designer at TLCD. She has worked on pretty much every project type over the course of her career, and finds inspiration by connecting with the “people factor” that drives interior design. Weaving together the various components that give an interior space its identity, while serving the needs of users and visitors is both an art and a science. These days that means keeping up with design trends, real-life research and emerging technologies.

She particularly enjoys working in TLCD’s cross-generational atmosphere, which is a springboard for integrating interior design into large architectural projects. On the other hand, quick burn interior projects are a lot of fun!  Regardless of the project type, the client’s vision is always the key to a successful interior.

I started to write my first novel (complete with illustrations) at age 11, but got bogged down and re-organized the kitchen instead.