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Haley Lamos

Senior Designer

With a BFA in Interior Architecture and experience as an intern at TLCD, Haley is excited about the launch of her professional career. Coming from an active and creative family, she learned the importance of craftsmanship from her parents’ work with cabinet making, creative finishes and fine art. No surprise that Haley was drawn to Sacramento State’s program, which allowed her to develop a strong foundation in architecture while expanding her interior design interests.

Haley’s innate passion for working collaboratively has found a welcome home at TLCD, where she admires dedication in her co-workers and a rich culture of mentorship. Haley’s facility with a wide range of design applications allows her to jump in and bring fresh ideas to projects. She enjoys gaining a foothold in the world of materials and architecturally based projects by establishing relationships with vendors and participating in the firm’s professional development committee.

I love to decompress by getting out into helps me unearth new ideas and gain perspective on work and life.