Ashwini Kokate


While working toward her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Ashwini realized she wanted to incorporate more science in her studies and decided to develop a career in the field of sustainable architecture. The Masters’ program in Building Science at USC was the perfect place to meet her goals. After working in congested Southern California, Ashwini is delighted to be in beautiful Sonoma County where her skills in lighting design and sustainable building design are being put in practice on educational projects.

Hard work and creative brainstorming are part of Ashwini’s dedicated approach to the day-to-day tasks at a busy architecture firm. Her high energy and enthusiasm are catching as she works with her project team on 3D modeling, energy studies and architectural detailing. She rewards herself by spending her off hours exploring the plethora of hiking trails in our area and enjoying her creative passion for abstract painting.

Once upon a time I was a state level swimmer... and could run a 5K race in no time!