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Santa Rosa, CA | Complete

As a financial institution that serves a growing western region of agricultural customers, American AgCredit asked for a headquarters building that supports a strong workplace wellness strategy to house local staff and host co-workers from its multiple locations. To that end, open walkways and staircases are organized around an expansive central courtyard which brings an indoor/outdoor character to the interior. The oval circulation hub supports an open communication style and provides creatively furnished quiet zones and group work areas.

American AgCredit’s vision for an inspiring headquarters is reflected in a palette of natural materials and artwork that exemplifies the stability of our land and the beauty found in agricultural seasons. Custom art installations follow this theme and include a rammed earth wall which represents the range of soils found at each regional location in California, Kansas and Colorado. 

Within this inviting ambience, practical flexibility for an ever-evolving company is supported by reconfigurable walls, furniture systems and a sustainable infrastructure. The project brings a new level of sophistication to Sonoma County and exemplifies how design affects staff productivity and corporate culture.